Volcán Azul WBC Competition Coffee

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These are the two coffees I used to compete in the World Barista Championship in Milan. They're both from the same farm, Volcán Azul, located at 1600 metres above sea level in the Alajuela region of Costa Rica. The farmers name is Alejo Castro and he's a young and innovative coffee farmer. The farm has been in his family for generations. The coffees are anaerobic fermented, but unlike other coffees made this way they have very little funkyness to them. They are crisp and clean with fruity and tropical notes, as well as lots of perfume and florals.

The Gesha tastes to me like stonefruit, pomegranate and jasmine.

The SL28 reminds me of raspberry and rooisbos.

You can choose either one, or grab one of each. Both are roasted for filter.

If you want to watch my presentation at the WBC, I've included it below.