Serrania • Colombia • Organic

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This coffee from the subregion Serrania del Perija is part of a project in Colombia which helps women get started and succeed in coffee production. Many of the members of the Asociación de Mujeres Cafetera Plan Mil are single mothers and refugees displaced by violence. Today they co-own or own their own coffee plantations, and have received training in entrepreneurship and in organic production practices and certification. As a result this coffee is nicknamed Women's Power.

The coffee is hand picked and pulped using small pulpers on the farms. It is then fermented for 18 hours before it is fully washed and dried on raised beds for up to 14 days.

Certified organic

Flavours of cherry, brown sugar and chocolate


Region: Cesar, Colombia

Plant type: Castillo and caturra

Growing altitude: 1600 masl

Process: Washed

Cupping score: