Mistrato by Alejandro Orozco • Colombia

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From the producer Alejandro Orozco and his farm Finca Piedra Candela in the region Mistrato. It's right in between three national parks, with a rich biodiversity and a microclimate perfect for growing coffee. This gives a lot with juicy and clean fruity flavours. This coffee is also part of the Taza de Oro programme, which means Golden Cup. It's hosted by Coopcafer, an organization that helps coffee producers in the Risaralda-area, and allows them to submit small lots of high quality to be cupped and graded. The lots are then awarded an extra premium on top of the price alreayd paid for the coffee.

Flavours of red apple, sour cherries, toffee

Region: Apia, Risaralda, Colombia

Plant type: Castillo, Caturra, Variedad Colombia

Growing altitude: 1700 masl

Process: Washed

Cupping score: