Kilimbi • Rwanda

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The Kilimbi washing station was one of the first in Rwanda to be approved for processing naturals and semi-natural coffees. The altitude and wide open spaces gives the area a stable temperature and ideal conditions to process coffee of high quality.

This coffee is fermented for 12 hours and floated several times between picking and drying to remove cherries that are damaged or of low quality. After primary fermentation the coffee is dried for 35 days on raised beds in a very controlled process. The coffee is initially dried in a single layer and exposed to direct sunlight during 12 and 15 and covered for the rest of the day for a slow and controlled drying. After a few days, it's piled up so the drying is slowed down and the coffee reaches a more homogenous moisture content.

Flavours of cranberry, fig and hops


Region: Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Plant type: Red Bourbon

Growing altitude: 1600-1650 masl

Process: Honey processed (35 days)

Cupping score: