Guji • Ethiopia • Organic

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This coffee from the town of Shakiso in the Guji-region of Ethiopia is a great example of natural-processed African coffee. It's crisp and sweet with lots of citrus and berry flavour. Normally coffee varietals from Ethiopia are referred to as "Heirloom" because it's a mix of wild-growing types and they don't really know exactly what. With this coffee the varietals are known and come from the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre and are named 74110 and 74112 (also known as Gibirinna and Serto). They were  selected for their flavour, yield and resistance to diseases.

Certified organic

Flavours of mandarin, red berries and tea aromatics

Region: Guji, Ethiopia

Plant type: Gibirinna and Serto

Growing altitude: 2000 masl

Process: Natural

Cupping score: