Aster Demeke • Ethiopia

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From the small producer Aster Demeke in Ethiopia. She is part of the Lalisaa project by Sucafina, aimed at giving small producers training in cultivating, harvest and processing of coffee, as well as giving them the opportunity to sell their coffee directly to foreign roasters.

Aster is a talented coffee farmer who produces excellent coffee. She uses a technique known as Agroforestry which involves planting beneficial trees and plants together with the coffee trees to improve the soil and give shade. It also helps her diversy her crop. Her farm is organic by default, but Aster has not been certified yet.

Flavours of red berries and fruit tea

Region: Dumerso, Ethiopia

Plant type: 74110 and 741112 from Jimma Agricultural Research Centre

Growing altitude: 1855 masl

Process: Natural

Cupping score: