April Brewer Kit

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The April Brewer is designed and produced by April Coffee Copenhagen and founder Patrik Rolf. He made it for coffee competitions and field tested it in two world championships, ultimately coming in at second place in 2019. In other words, this is a pretty great coffee brewer.

It combines flat bed brewing for more even extractions and richer body, with a single large hole in the bottom similar to a V60 for faster flowrate and more clarity of flavours.

We selected this brewer to sell because it is a best of both worlds brewer that's perfect for enthusiasts and amateurs alike. It also looks really beautiful.

The kit comes with everything pictures, the brewer, a cup and saucer, as well as a lid which helps trap aroma so you can really smell the amazing cup of coffee you just brewed.

(The kit does not come with filters, so don't forget to grab some as well)